Philip Pucci was born in New York City and raised in Greenwich Village and Paris, France where he attended private schools. He holds a degree in film from Bard College where he studied with celebrated 1960s avant-garde filmmaker, Adolfas Mekas, and “Bonnie and Clyde” director Arthur Penn.

At Bard Philip produced, wrote, and directed his first short film, “Beastie” featuring the Beastie Boys. Filmed entirely on Philip’s birthday, Friday, November 13, 1982, Philip’s concept for “Beastie” was to create a short concert film featuring the Beastie Boys that would capture a Beastie Boys performance from the audience’s point of view. To that end, he distributed a mixture of half a dozen 16mm Bell and Howell Filmos, and 16mm Bolex cameras to audience members at a special one time only performance given by the Beastie Boys.

After graduating from Bard, Philip sought out and studied with the granddaddy of the American avant-garde film movement, Stan Brakhage.

Philip has worked in various capacities in motion picture and television production and post-production both in New York City and Hollywood, working his way up from a union Apprentice Editor on feature films to the position of union Picture Editor. He has held positions at most of the major Hollywood studios including, Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios, Warner Brothers, Walt Disney Pictures and HBO, and has worked alongside such notable directors, editors, and producers as Lasse Hallström, Michael Cimino, Geraldine Peroni, Evan Lottman, Mike Medavoy and John Frankenheimer.

Philip's short film, “The Extra®”, spotlighting an annoying and utterly conceited low end Hollywood worker, (played by David Avallone), was first distributed and sponsored by HBO at the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival and went on to become an official candidate for nomination for an Oscar® in the Best Live Action Short category.

Philip recently completed his work as picture editor and in creating the main title concept for “The Ministers," a feature film starring Harvey Keitel and John Leguizamo. Premiering at the 2008 New York International Latino Film Festival, "The Ministers" is in distribution through Maya Entertainment.

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