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Philip Pucci - Clients - The Ministers - Page 1

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The Ministers

Starring Harvey Keitel & John Leguizamo

Main Title Sequence Design
Conceived & Edited by Philip Pucci
Font by Pablo Ferro
Prologue thru Main Titles TRT: 4:05

John Leguizamo & John Leguizamo
Pray thru Murder
TRT: 4:05

John Leguizamo & Harvey Keitel
Bodega Flashback
TRT: 3:10

Harvey Keitel
Confesses in Bar Flashback
TRT: 3:43

John Leguizamo & John Leguizamo
TRT: 3:10

Harvey Keitel & Wanda de Jesus
Police Station
TRT: 3:10

Harvey Keitel
Discovers Crime Scene
TRT: 2:18

Police Interrogation thru Murder Flashback
TRT: 1:35